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"Thanks for everything. I really love my house and have had quite a few compliments. I'm so happy with how well built the house feels and the quality. There are a few things that will need touching up but mostly from settling." 

"Thank you so much for fixing the flashing on the front of my house. I fully realize you were under no obligation to help me but you did and I am very grateful!"
-Diane Kennedy

"Every time a repair person had to come in Chris was there to make sure the guys had arrived, were there on time, and were getting the work done. He worked with my schedule to try and set up the service appointments when it would be convenient to me. He also leaves his shoes at the door every time he comes into my house so he wonpt track dirt in, which I very much appreciate!! I'm sure Chris was just doing his job throughout this whole process, but he made it as painless as he could. His disposition is great for working with people, and he seems very knowledgeable and trustworthy. He just kind of goes the extra mile."

"... the cutest and perfect house for me."
-Peggy Sheets

"You guys went above and beyond what I would have expected. You kept me from getting into a financial hardship which showed me that you care about your residents and not just the rent check. I will always give credit where it's due, but at the same time I will most certainly call someone out when they're in the wrong. Credit is most certainly due to Anderson Communities for their customer service."
-Kristi Clark

"I love and enjoy my home!!!!"
-Shelly Kegley

"Thank you all so very much for all of your help with the closing process of this house!!! A special thanks to Amy, Robert and Meredith for every little detail they catered to as well. You all have been excellent to work with and we all became part of a team that was indefinitely on the same page."
-Jessica & Chris Hisle

"Thank you for fixing my faucet and air conditioner! You guys are great and I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate everything you've done. Thank you so much! :D"
-Sarah Bolus

"...I would like to tell you, or let someone know, that Lauren Holman has been helping me. I can not tell you how great she has been in working with me and my situation... Lauren has just been amazing! I have asked her a million questions and never once did she not respond fast and happily. You certainly have a great employee there that is a true asset to your company...Thank you and all your staff for a life changing experience."
-Jonathan Abrams

"I wanted to formally compliment two staff members that have provided me with the best customer service I have ever been provided from any place of business. I work for Forcht Bank and among many things I provide service and sales training to staff throughout Lexington. When I received the superior service I was given by Lindsay and Robert I felt impressed to share this since it seems to be so hard to find. Every time I have a question it is ALWAYS answered with urgency and friendliness. They have worked with me and understood my specific needs and offered solutions for every issue along the way. I have spoken to others that deal with Anderson Communities that I work with and they had the same feedback. I observed Lindsay and Robert represent Anderson Communities with the highest level of service to everyone that walked through the door; it has been a pleasure."
-Lisa Brouse

"I am writing this to acknowledge one of your employees. I know all too often people take the time to call or write to complain when something goes wrong or when someone doesn't perform as expected so I wanted to take the time to acknowledge the exceptional service that we have received from Chris Edling. He genuinely takes great care and devotion to Anderson Community tenants. He takes great pride that he works for Anderson Properties which gives us all relief with where we life and he takes and even greater pride with his work ethics and high level of customer service. His attention to detail, high level of integrity and commitment to excellence should be commended."

-D. & M. Strange

"The insulation installation did, indeed, go flawlessly and I was impressed with the friendly, polite, professionalism of the two men who handled the job. I share your hope this will help with the heating of the house in the coming winter months, and cut down on the incredibly high bills of last winter. And Mr. Edeling is always a pleasure with whom to work. Your kindness and quick response to needs is greatly appreciated. You and Robert have made a tremendous/huge improvement in the care and service of Anderson Communities clients and well as the caliber of those employed in various positions. Dennis has to be extremely proud of the enhanced reputation and professionalism you are providing his organization." 

-Barbara Albright



"I had a pluming emergency after 6 pm on Monday April 23. I called the emergency after hours number. Within 10 min, I had someone already to my apartment who was very professional and fixed the problem in no time. This is a thank you note. I just moved in 3 weeks ago and I believe I made the right choice."
-Motaz Moniem



"I think AC is amazing! After 4 years with the company I can definitely attest that it provides so many opportunities for growth as an employee and I wish I could stay here forever. To me, AC is about:

1.    Getting it right the first time

2.    Being able to find a home for anyone in any situation

3.    Growing with our residents and always being there for their next step

Getting it right the first time is how we are able to keep our residents and in turn they refer more residents and the cycle continues. Getting it right the first time begins with the first conversation with a new home consultant and continues with maintenance, management and property up-keep. 

Being able to find a home for anyone is important because we shouldn’t have to turn away a good prospect, ever. If they want campus, we’ve got it. If they want single-family, we’ve got it. If they want a trailer in the country, we’ve got it. If they want an apartment, town home, duplex, ranch, ranch on a basement, two-story, two-story on a basement, the list goes on and on but it doesn’t matter because we’ve got it.

Growing with our residents is huge! For example, I moved a couple into Park Plaza when I first started 4 years ago. Then two years ago I moved them into a rental home when they were expecting their first child. Now, they’ve bought a house with the company and I’m attending a baby shower for their second baby this summer! It’s incredible that we can be in every part of the process from finding someone’s first apartment to building their dream home.

I love Anderson Communities and I am so grateful for each day that I get to come to work with the best people in Lexington."

-Lauren Holman
 New Home Consultant
 Park Plaza Apartments



We have lived here for three years and have just renewed our lease for another year. We have had no problems here. No section 8 housing. Nice pool area. Friendly and helpful staff and management.Good, honest, maintenance techs. Read the reviews of other local complexes and you'll find a lot of horror stories. We wouldn't live anywhere else:)


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