Shining Stars

Robert Milam

“Top Gun Sales”

Robert has performed in an outstanding manner in New Home Sales throughout the year. 

Melissa Tomlinson

"Top Gun Leasing"

Melissa has performed in an outstanding manner in Leasing, consistently ranking as a top performer throughout the year. 

Ron Morton

"Rookie of the Year"

Ron has performed in an outstanding manner during the first year of employment, learning and accepting responsibilities quickly and exceeding expectations. Ron has shown a tremendous amount of potential for long term contribution and success.

Tara Cairns

"The Pillar"

Tara works hard to develop and provide long-term support of our processes and systems, an unseen hero ensuring smooth operations behind the scenes. 

Rudy Zapata Esquivel

"Mr. Clean Award - Taking Care of the Details" 

Rudy takes pride in the infinite execution of the fine details to ensure that cleanliness is consistently a top priority. 

Perry Snowden

"The We Care"

Perry works hard to develop and maintain long-standing relationships with residents, customers and co-workers. He promotes unity and cooperation and challenges others to improve. while demonstrating accountability and providing the tools necessary to succeed. 

Bryce Haneline

"The Sammy"

Bryce Just as legendary employee Sam Conley did, Bryce  possesses a consistent and passionate commitment to the execution of everyday tasks, nurturing an environment where we know and respect each other’s value, insight and talents.  Bryce  deliberately goes the extra mile to Build a Better Community.