Neighborhood to weigh option of Daycare and Clubhouse at McConnell's Trace

Neighborhood weighing zone change, pool/daycare addition

By: Rebecca Smith 
A piece of land in the McConnellPublic hearing
The conditional use hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. July 31 in council chambers, located downtown at 200 East Main Street.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT)- The Leestown Road area near Masterson Station and McConnell's Trace has already seen a lot of change recently with an ongoing road widening project. Now, even more change could be coming to the McConnell's Trace neighborhood.
The Lexington neighborhood is considering a major addition that its developer Amderson Communities McConnells Trace Mapsays will increase property values.
A spot of land located at Trailwood Lane and White Oak Trace, which is now straddled by single-family homes, could be the site of a new pool, fitness center and daycare.
Annie Turner's backyard looks out on the property, which is now green space.
"They did tell me that it wasn't going to be built on at all; that was one of the good things about this house," said Turner.
"Where we're building it has never been permanent green space,” said Developer Dennis Anderson. “It's always been scheduled for apartments and town homes."
Anderson thinks sprinkling businesses and homes together is a win for the neighborhood.
"We're putting more the lifestyle into McConnell's Trace,” he said. “There's going to be learning, there's going to be socializing, there's going to be swimming and working out."
Some neighbors are in favor of the new additions and have confidence because of Mr. Anderson’s involvement.
"He's done a good job with the neighborhood. It's a good use for the property," Rubin said.
It's called a mixed-use neighborhood, similar to another one of Anderson's creations, Townley Center, which is right down Leestown Rd. from McConnell's Trace.
The difference is, Townley is rental and McConnell's Trace is a mix of renters and home owners.


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While some neighbors are concerned with the traffic and noise, Anderson contends the addition of the pool, fitness center, clubhouse and daycare will increase property values.
"Where neighbors become friends we give them areas we can meet their neighbor."
The conditional use hearing is scheduled for 1:30 p.m. July 31 in council chambers, located downtown at 200 East Main Street. That hearing is open to the public and feedback is being considered from residents.
The cost to use the pool for residents of the neighborhood will be $1 per day, according to Anderson.
He also says the daycare will be open to anyone, with neighborhood residents getting preference.
Original Development Plan 8x11.

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