safety.png Safety

Resident safety is our number one priority when building our communities. Anderson Communities goes the extra mile by adding additional street lights, using Saflok electronic deadbolts, installing security systems, using double locking windows and metal door jams in our new communities. We have spent a great deal of effort perfecting our safety solutions and want to create the best possible experience during your time in your new home.

community.png Community

The sense of community is extremely important when choosing your new home. Anderson Communities offers various amenities, allowing you to meet your neighbors and creating opportunities for social interaction. Whether it be at one of the many community events, enjoying the summer days at the pool or taking a walk on the trail.

location.png Location

Anderson Communities offers a large variety of apartments, townhomes and homes throughout Lexington, Louisville, Georgetown, and Versailles. Please check out our different communities listed below for more information.

At Anderson Communities, we value resident safety. To keep our residents secure, we go the extra mile by offering additional street lights, electronic deadbolts, security systems, double-locking windows and metal door jams. We also place a strong emphasis on maintaining a sense of community, giving residents the opportunity for social interactions. Bonus: we’re all about variety. Our apartments, townhomes, and homes are located throughout Lexington, Louisville, Georgetown and Versailles. No matter your style or your city, we welcome you to our community.


Lexington | Located close to New Circle and I-64

Lexington | Located off of Leestown Rd.

Georgetown | Located off of Lemons Mill Rd.

Versailles | Located close to Woodford County Park

Lexington, Georgetown, Versailles & Frankfort


Lexington | Located off of Leestown Rd.

Lexington | Located near Jacobson Park


Lexington | Located within walking distance of UK

Lexington | Located off of Alumni Drive

Louisville | Located near McNeely Lake Park

Lexington | Located within walking distance of UK

Lexington | Located off of Leestown Rd.

Georgetown | Located off McClelland Circle
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