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Qualities of Good Tenants: The Best Qualities We Look for in a Prospective Tenant

Feb 13, 2023

When applying to rent an apartment, you may wonder what makes a landlord pick one application above another. While many of the criteria are objective, such as your income, there are also other traits that landlords look for. Certain qualities show that you would be a great person to rent an apartment to. 

After considering enough applications, landlords get a sense of who they would love to offer a lease to. At Anderson Communities, we have seen our share of rental applications, so we recognize the special qualities most landlords are looking for in a resident. Here is what you need to know about what makes a great resident so that you can put your best foot forward on your next rental application.

A Stable Income and Employment

Landlords want you to be happy in your home, but they also need to be paid on time. Demonstrating steady employment and income creates a win-win situation for both parties. A stable financial background helps avoid the stress of paying rent every month for the resident and gives the landlord peace of mind in collecting sufficient rent to meet their expenses.

If you have been at your job for a while and maintained a steady income, you are more likely to be able to comfortably pay your bills. That is a great situation for everyone–renter and landlord alike.

Respectful Behavior

Any relationship is improved with respect. For a resident, taking care of your responsibilities beyond paying your rent on time shows your landlord you respect their property. That goes beyond paying your rent on time but also staying on top of maintaining your home. If there are issues that you need the landlord to address, let them know promptly.

If problems arise between you and your neighbors, try to work them out calmly and not escalate matters. Do what you can to get along with people, and it will go a long way toward impressing your landlord. 

Follow the Terms of Your Lease

The lease you sign is a contract, and for the best results, a renter should take that seriously. Don’t sneak in a pet if it is not allowed, and don’t move in an unapproved roommate. Loud parties or destructive behavior are never going to be appreciated.

The terms of the lease are designed to protect all of the residents’ safety and comfort. If you can’t live with the requirements, it is best not to sign a commitment saying you will. If a former landlord had multiple problems with you breaking the terms of your lease, potential landlords would be much less likely to accept your application. 

Have a Good Rental Payment History

Landlords understand that problems happen, and occasionally renters struggle to come up with the rent. But it is easy to tell from a rental payment history if this is an unusual situation or a pattern. Repeatedly making late payments is a big red flag. The best renters have a long history of reliable payments. When a landlord sees that you take due dates seriously, they know you will make a good addition to the community.

Be a Good Communicator

Whether you have questions about your rental application or issues with the property, your landlord wants to work with you to find solutions that work for everyone. Open and reasonable communication is the best way to make that happen. After all, renters and landlords aren’t opponents. If you are happy in your new home, the odds are that your landlord is content too. 

If you run into problems, be open with your landlord about what is happening. They are more likely to be able to deal with issues if they understand things from your perspective. 

Choose Anderson Communities for Your Next Resident Experience

At Anderson Communities, we strive to maintain a good relationship with our residents. We will never add surprise charges or fees to your bill; we even help you build a better credit score while you rent.Our communities are conveniently located, with access to beautiful outdoor spaces and great shopping. You won’t pay extra for amenities like an in-home washer, dryer, or internet. If that sounds like the kind of home you are looking for, browse the many rental properties available and see if one is right for you.