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What Can Disqualify You From Renting an Apartment?

Feb 13, 2023

If you are in the market to rent an apartment, then you have to deal with rental applications. Landlords obviously want to find residents they can trust, and sometimes people give the wrong impression on their applications.

At Anderson Communities, we have matched up plenty of apartments with happy residents, so we are familiar with the applications and what can go wrong. Although the process may seem mysterious and intimidating, there is no need for you to be anxious about it. Landlords have specific things they are looking for in a renter. To get approved, you have to convince them that you are exactly whom they are looking for.

Here are the top reasons your application could be denied and how to fix them.

Inadequate or Unverified Income

The number one reason people are denied a rental is that they don’t make enough money. Landlords generally don’t want your rent to cost more than 30% of your income to ensure that you can comfortably pay your bills. 

It may be difficult to demonstrate how much you make in some situations. For example, people who work freelance jobs often have multiple sources of income from different clients, and their earnings may be uneven.

How to Fix It

If you don’t make enough money to qualify for an apartment, you may want to consider a less expensive one. On the other hand, you can also look for other ways to reduce your costs, such as finding a roommate. 

It is still possible to provide proof of your income for people with multiple income streams, but it will take a little extra footwork. Assemble documents showing how much you earn going back at least six months. Bank statements, paid invoices, and records of online deposits through services such as PayPal can all show proof of income. Offer all the documentation you have, and provide a monthly average income.

Incorrect Income

Mistakes happen. If the amount you claimed to make doesn’t match the income that is stated on your pay stubs, landlords will notice, and they won’t be impressed.

How to Fix It

An important piece of advice: don’t lie about how much you earn. That is an automatic denial. But if you have made a mistake, let them know and ask if you can resubmit your application. If you recently got a raise, you can ask your employer for a letter stating how much you make now. 

Poor Credit

There is no way around it: poor credit is a significant mark against you. Landlords often use credit scores as a quick snapshot of how well someone manages their money and their life. 

Your credit score can be negatively impacted by factors such as:

  • How much debt you carry compared to your income
  • A history of late payments
  • Accounts that have been sent to collections
  • A lack of payment history

How to Fix It

If you have a poor credit score, paying off any past-due balances will show the landlord that you are in good standing with your creditors. This proves that you will be reliable in paying your rent.

Unpaid Balances from Your Last Rental

If you left your last rental with unpaid bills, that is a big red flag for landlords. If added fees are tacked onto your rent, this can be surprisingly easy. You may have paid every month’s rent on time, but did you leave with a utility bill you didn’t know about? If you have missed something, it could be sent to collections, impacting your credit score.

How to Fix It

Make sure you have taken care of all your obligations to your former landlord before applying for a new apartment. To ensure there are no surprises, double-check that you have left your contact information with them. 

Unexplained Gaps in Your Rental History

If you have stretches of time that are unaccounted for in your rental history, that may give landlords reason to pause because they wonder what happened during that time.

How to Fix It

There are plenty of good reasons to have rental history gaps, such as living with family members or in a college dorm. Taking time off to travel is another example of an understandable explanation. Let the landlord know what happened instead of letting them guess.

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