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Things to do in Georgetown, KY

Dec 5, 2022

things to do in georgetown kentucky

Georgetown, KY, is the perfect example of a place with the “small-town charm.” Anyone living in an Anderson community can attest to the many things to do in this picturesque town. Whether it’s exploring its downtown architecture, visiting a local brewery, or visiting the town’s horse farms, there’s a long list of diverse assortments to enjoy. Here are the top 8 things to do in Georgetown, KY.

Explore Downtown Georgetown

Downtown Georgetown looks like a picture that’s been taken off a postcard. It’s filled with dozens of boutiques, antique shops, and electric arts that you would love to explore. Victorian-era buildings with hanging flower baskets also showcase a typical small American town. For your collection of local gems, visit Georgetown Antique Mall or Quilting & Craft, and you will find various items for your project.

There are also unique restaurants that guarantee the most adventurous eating experience. You’ll also find Royal Spring Park, where you can spend time picnicking or taking a stroll on your Sunday evening.

Building in Georgetown Kentucky

Horse Riding at Kentucky Horse Park

This one-of-a-kind horse farm works as a horse farm, equine competition facility, office park, and educational theme park. There are also a dozen horse breeds in this 1,224-acre park, involved in horse-drawn tours, daily equine presentations, pony rides, and horseback rides. It also has a museum where you can learn about its history. Ensure you check their schedule to learn more about their activities before your visit.

Visit the Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Farm

This unique 140-acre horse farm should also be on your list of things to do in Georgetown. You will find famous retired horses like stake winners, Breeders’ Cup Champions, and Kentucky Derby winners. Depending on your budget and convenience, you can receive a private tour by appointment or visit their daily public tour.

Take a Tour of the Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant

If you’re a curious automobile enthusiast, head to the Georgetown Toyota Motor Manufacturing Plant and learn more about this Japanese car manufacturer’s practices and unique work. This plant is Toyota’s largest car manufacturing plant outside Japan, covering up to 7.5 Million square feet and with up to 7,000 plant workers. It assembles about 2,000 vehicles daily.

You’ll be surprised by the level of precision and talent used to manufacture top-of-the-line Toyotas in just 55 seconds.

Map of Georgetown Kentucky

Stroll at the Yuko-en Friendship Garden

The Yuko-End on the Elkhorn is a garden that symbolizes the friendship between Kentucky state and Japan. It’s a four-season garden that visitors can visit any time of the year. This lush 5.5-acre garden is accessible via the Tokugawa Gate at the Cincinnati Pike. You’ll find a gorgeous Bluegrass stroll garden made in the Japanese style. It also includes a serene pond, Japanese-style bridges, and other elements, making it the perfect destination for your early or evening walks.

Enjoy Various Activities at Evans Orchard & Cider, Mill, Georgetown Kentucky

Evans Orchard & Cider is a 175-acre farm packed with all sorts of fun activities you can engage in. It has been passed down a family generation, with the fifth generation owning and running its operations. It features activities like the apple cider slider, Rat Racers Big Wheel track, Barnyard petting zoo, and tire swings and climbs.

This farm is also the only one with a cider mill in central Kentucky with the best apple cider and apple pies you can find in Georgetown. Visitors can also pick their flowers and fruits, but on specific days.

Bonfire in the Georgetown Kentucky countryside

Get a Tasting of Locally Made Bourbon at Bourbon 30 Spirit Distillery

Georgetown is known as the birthplace of bourbon. There’s no better place to experience first-hand bourbon making and learn about its history than Bourbon 30 Spirit Distillery. Anyone above twenty-one years can visit this place and have their bourbon made right at this distillery. Other activities include bottle and barrel tasting. There are also 30 local crafts and arts at this distillery.

Engage in a Wide Array of Activities at Bi-Water Farm

Bi-water farm is a 185-acre family-owned farm. It offers all kinds of activities to visitors of all ages, including miniature golf, zip lining, hay riding, and paintballing. Visitors can also buy fresh produce from the farm and greenhouses and homemade jams, fudge, and jellies. You can visit this farm any time of the year, apart from November to March.

Explore Georgetown with Anderson Communities

There are undoubtedly many fun things to do in Georgetown, KY. However, exploring this small but picturesque town while living in Anderson Communities at Georgetown can be more fun. Whether you are a first-time renter, a growing family, or just looking for low maintenance living, we are the right place for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


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