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The Best Places to Live in Lexington: A Ranking of Top Neighborhoods

Feb 9, 2024

If you are relocating to Lexington, Kentucky, you probably wonder which neighborhood to pick. While you might have some logistical considerations, such as proximity to your job, knowing where the best neighborhoods are will help you find the best places to live in Lexington, KY.

Learn about the best neighborhoods from Anderson Communities, and then consider our wonderful apartment homes.


Want to imagine you are living all the way out in the country? Meadowthorpe is a good choice with its beautiful trees, shrubbery, and many dog owners. Yet, it’s only two miles away from downtown. The local elementary school has a five-star rating! You can easily hit the road out of town, even if you don’t get further than the large Masterton Station Park. You (and your kids, if you have any) will love this laid-back, quiet neighborhood that combines rural feel with urban convenience.

South Broadway Park

In contrast, if you want to be in the heart of everything, you can’t do much better than South Broadway Park. It’s just west of the University of Kentucky, so great for students who don’t want to live on campus. Just south and west of Historic South Hill, but a lot cheaper, it has restaurants, shopping, and a wonderful urban feel. You’re a short drive from downtown and have an easy commute all across the city.


No neighborhood guide would be complete without talking about Lexington’s downtown. The center and heart of Lexington are also great places to live, with the famous Kentucky Theatre and the Rupp Arena to enjoy. Eat and play downtown (especially some of the best pizza around), and appreciate all of the charms of this wonderful Southern city. Go to the Central Library and Phoenix Park to learn and grow. Downtown is where it is all happening.


Between Alumni Drive and Chinoe Road, Castlegate is a small neighborhood with tree-lined streets and easy access to the rest of the city. It features Lexington’s most famous Christmas display at the White Christmas House on Chinoe Road. Castlegate is the perfect balance of quiet yet close to everything, with an easy run up to downtown (past the State Botanical Garden) and access to the interstate.

Masterson Station

This quiet, wonderful suburban neighborhood is not far from downtown but is bordered by Masterson Station Park. Which is key to why this is a wonderful choice. The park has miles of trails and a horseback riding school. This is where the county fair is held, as well as a variety of equestrian events. If what draws you to Lexington is that it is Horsetown, USA, this might be the best neighborhood for you! It has quiet, tree-lined streets, and yet is still within easy striking distance of downtown or anywhere else you might want to go.

McConnells Trace

On the southwest side of Masterson Station Park, McConnells Trace nestles against the edge of Lexington, with the wide open expanse of countryside (and horse farms) to the southwest. It’s a sprawling suburban neighborhood that gives you a tranquil, serene, and picturesque place to live yet still has access to popular restaurants and grocery stores. You can live near the countryside and in the city at the same time, and if you’re fit, you can walk out of Lexington and into the beautiful country surrounding it.

These are some of the best places to live in Lexington, Kentucky, according to resident satisfaction. If these neighborhoods appeal to you, check out our vibrant apartment and townhome communities. At Anderson, we strive to provide all of our residents with a wonderful place to live in the perfect neighborhood for them. Contact us for more information.


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