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Art in Motion Partners with Anderson Communities

Apr 22, 2019

AIM president and coordinator Yvette Hurt initiates grant preparation and info gathering, meeting with representatives of partners, including Lextran administrators Rocky Burke and Jared Forte, LexArts, Lexington MPO, potential neighborhood/business partners, and:

  • Writes grant narrative, air quality description, budget, budget supporting documents, operations plan and project schedule, evidence of community support/community need, description of events held in support of project, summary of in-kind contributions and maintenance plan.
  • Works with Lextran consultant to develop air quality analysis.
  • Commissions architectural drawings of potential art shelter design for inclusion in grant application.
  • Obtains letters of support from partners Lextran and LexArts.

MPO employee/AIM board member Joseph David leads effort to identify 8 possible art shelter locations based on a variety of criteria from over 900 possible locations.

  • Grant funding is requested for the construction of a number of art shelters. The final number constructed would be based on the amount of additional funds AIM secured from other public/private partners to supplement the federal grant and 20 percent local contribution required from grant recipient, Lextran.  AIM and partners agree that five shelters are the most the budget can support, but 8 locations are taken through the state categorical exclusion/approval process to ensure AIM has at least 5 viable locations, with no infrastructure or adjacent landowner impediments.
  • David develops GPS location maps for each potential site.

1/12/09 Hurt compiles, copies, binds and submits 6 copies of the 120-page grant packet to Lexington-Fayette MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization). (David provides copies of GPS location maps and Lextran route maps.)

2/27/09: Lexington MPO issues letter to KYTC ranking Fayette County projects.  Art in Motion smART shelter project is ranked no 2 out of 13 projects.

2/28/09: Grant packets are delivered to KYTC by Lexington MPO

8/13/09: Lextran is awarded $150,000 for Art in Motion smART Shelter Project. Under grant program, only municipalities or administrative arms of municipalities (such as a transit authority) can receive funds.  AIM is listed as grant partner.  CMAQ is a reimbursement grant:  Lextran must hire contractor through public bidding approved by state, pay for construction directly, then seek reimbursement from federal/state account awarded to project.

This is the first time a CMAQ grant is awarded for a project involving the construction of art shelters.

11/12/09: Lextran/AIM staff required to attend CMAQ implementation workshop in Frankfort and begin KYTC/DOT approval process.  Hurt and David attend on behalf of AIM and Lexington-Fayette MPO.

January 2010: AIM is advised by KYTC that because the CMAQ grant funds have been allocated for construction only, AIM must hold contests for designs before going through the full KYTC/federal approval process.

An initial round of two shelter projects (Southland Drive and Leestown Road) are chosen based on ready partners (Good Foods Co-op, shopping center owner Sandy Levy, Hill-n-Dale Neighborhood Association, Southland Association, Meadowthorpe and Townley Park neighborhood associations, Dennis Anderson) who contribute funds and resources, including cash for design contest prizes.

Hurt administers the deposit of prize funds into AIM account held by fiscal sponsor.

5/23/10: Hurt notifies all grant partners, LFUCG council members and neighborhood partners in writing about final CMAQ shelter potential locations.  David notifies MPO and handles internal LFUCG coordination.

Leestown Road stakeholder process and design contest  (See design contest document on this webpage):

Jan-Sep 2010: AIM president and coordinator Hurt schedules and coordinates meetings with partners and stakeholders to begin process of putting together a jury, partnering with Anderson Communities CEO Dennis Anderson who offers to donate connecting sidewalk and provides meeting space for entire stakeholder/jury process.

  • Hurt cautions all stakeholders (in person and through email) that because of federal funding statutes and regulations, the CMAQ process will be long and will not proceed on a schedule like Art in Motion’s previous shelter projects that used local funding.

6/2/2010: Councilperson Tom Blues secures $2000.00 design prize from partner neighborhood associations, Meadowthorpe NA and Townley Park HOA, and from council district funds.

Sept 2010-Aug 2011:                                             

Hurt convenes stakeholders, provides a draft design contest document and schedules/facilitates all meetings to revise and incorporate design and aesthetic elements stakeholders want in a neighborhood art shelter.

Jury is made up of community and neighborhood stakeholders: Dennis Anderson,Sheila FoyJune Salyer, district councilperson Tom Blues, Lextran representativeJill Barnett, LexArts representative Nathan Zammaron and Joseph David, MPO member and AIM board member.

9/26/11: Hurt publishes final Leestown Road design call on AIM website and other arts/architectural websites, including LexArt’s website, and releases press release to media.

  • Hurt receives, logs in and makes copies of all design submissions.
  • The total budget advertised in the design contest call is $30,000 and the call clearly states that the project, as designed and budgeted, must comply with all requirements of the CMAQ program, including all bonding requirements, statutes and regulations, including federal wage rates that must be paid to contractors and subcontractors.

September-December 2011:

Hurt schedules and facilitates all jury meetings to consider designs.  Jury chooses 3 finalists and Hurt schedules in-person presentations by each group of designers for the jury.

12/7/11: Hurt sends out media press release about finalists chosen

12/9/11; Jury chooses winning entry “ChimneyStop” by Ryan Hargrove, Justin Menke, Chad Riddle, and Martin Steffan.

12/11/11: Hurt notifies applicants of jury’s decision and $2000.00 prize is awarded

Southland Drive stakeholder process and design contest (See design contest document on this webpage):

5/26/10: Southland Drive stakeholders are contacted and invited to be part of process:  shopping center owner Sanford Levy, Good Foods General Manager Dan Arnett, Good Foods public relations Danielle Dove, Hill-n-Dale neighborhood president Janet Cabiness, Southland Association reps, Joseph David, AIM board member and Lexington MPO employee and Lextran.   Good Foods Market and Café also provides meeting space for all stakeholder/jury meetings.

  • Hurt cautions all stakeholders (in person and through email) that because of federal funding statutes and regulations, the CMAQ process will be long and will not proceed on a schedule like Art in Motion’s previous shelter projects that used local funding.
  • Hurt sends out draft design document and solicits stakeholder input about neighborhood and aesthetic elements they want to see in an art shelter to be located in front of Good Foods Co-op.
  • Partners Sanford Levy, Good Foods Co-op, Hill-n-Dale neighborhood association and Southland Association commit substantial resources: Sandy Levy donates land, Good Foods Co-op commits $7,000, Southland Association donates $2500 for the design prize, and Hill-n-Dale neighborhood rep Janet Cabiness applies for neighborhood matching grant.
  • Joseph David coordinates neighborhood matching grant, along with Sandy Levy and Janet Cabiness.
  • Hurt schedules and facilitates a series of meetings to develop final design contest document.
  • The total budget advertised in the design contest call is $45,000 and the call clearly states the project, as designed and budgeted, must comply with all requirements of the CMAQ program, including all bonding requirements, statutes and regulations, including federal wage rates that must be paid to contractors and subcontractors.

9/26/11: Hurt publishes final Southland design call on AIM website and other arts/architectural websites, including LexArt’s website, and releases press release to media.  Joseph David provides GPS location map.

11/4/11: Design contest closes:

  • Hurt receives and logs in all submissions.
  • Hurt notifies all contest participants of receipt of submissions and jury schedule.
  • Hurt copies submissions for review by jury.

October-December 21, 2011:

Hurt schedules and facilitates series of meetings of jury to consider submitted designs. Hurt notifies finalists and schedules in-person presentations by finalists and coordinates written follow-up questions from jury and answers from designers.

Southland Jury: Sanford Levy, architect Galina Stumbor, Lextran’s Jill Barnett, LexArts’ Nathan Zammaron, Co-op’s Dan Arnett and Danielle DoveLori Houlihan of Mayor Gray’s office,  AIM board member John Lackey and Lexington MPO employee and AIM board member Joseph David.

12/6/11 Southland jury chooses 3 finalists and Hurt notifies all designers.

12/19/11 Hurt schedules in-person presentations by three finalists

12/21/11 Hurt schedules follow-up meeting of jury; jury reduces finalists to two and requests follow-up information

Hurt requests follow-up information from both finalists with due date of 1/16/12.

1/20/12 Jury meets and chooses John Darko/PRP design as winning entry.

1/31/12 Hurt sends out press release announcing both winners in CMAQ contests

Pohl, Rosa, Pohl receives $2,500 design prize at John Darko’s request.

October 2012-July 2013: 

Right of way is needed from landowner for placement of art shelter.  KYTC want to do a donation deed, but landowner doesn’t wish to donate outright. Hurt negotiates with KYTC for an easement instead.  Hurt drafts easement, landowner signs and KYTC approves.

January 2012: Hurt begins the process of obtaining final project approval through KYTC in Frankfort and local district office.

Hurt prepares permitting information including PDC and LDRC for District 7 with input from David and Lextran staff.

January 2012: As part of state approval process, winning designers are required to submit final detailed construction documents.  (KYTC requires AIM to include both projects in one proposal for purposes of KYTC/DOT approval process.)

9/19/12: Lextran board passes resolution accepting award of CMAQ funds.

11/29/12: Adam Wiseman of Pohl, Rosa, Pohl submits final construction documents to AIM for submission to KYTC for approval.

  • The proposal can now go through final approval process at KYTC.  (Both shelter projects must be approved and publicly bid as one project.)

February 2012-2013: Hurt drafts, compiles and submits all documents required for approval of the project by KYTC/DOT through multiple stages of review, including:

  • 53-page proposal with 23 attachments setting out all federal, state, local laws (as well as requirements particular to Lextran) for federally funded projects
  • All required documentation relating to design contests, design specifications and material lists, bid bond requirements, anticipated bid schedule
  • Project Development Checklist (PDC) and Local Design Review Checklist (LDRC) with assistance from Joseph David, Lextran and District Office
  • Joseph David provides location maps and encroachment/siting info and coordination

5/7/13:  As part of approval process, KYTC requires an independent engineer’s assessment of cost for both projects:

  • Hurt hires Lexington engineering firm to do an independent cost assessment of both projects.
  • The assessments find the following, which includes the costs of complying with all federal laws, paying federal wage rates and placing required surety bonds:
    • Industrial Oasis: $76,000
    • ChimneyStop: $87,000
  • These estimates are for the actual costs of building the structures and do not include the costs of trash cans, bike racks, solar infrastructure, getting electricity to the site, or any added percentage for unknown impediments that might arise during construction.
  • Hurt obtains additional structural details required by KYTC for ChimneyStop design.

9/24/13: Hurt submits final, complete proposal to KYTC for state and federal approval and preparation of contract between KYTC and Lextran.

December 2013: Executed state/federal contract.  Hurt works with Lextran purchasing officer to prepare bid advertisement and bid schedule.

1/6/14: Invitation for bids (IFB) for Southland/Leestown projects publicly advertised by Lextran.

1/16/14: Lextran purchasing officer facilitates pre-bid meeting with potential bidders to answer questions about IFB and applicable laws and regulations.  Hurt represents AIM and each designer sends a representative.  Three potential bidders attend.

3/19/14: 21 firms download the IFB but Lextran receives no bids.  Lextran purchasing officer requests feedback from firms and primary concern is the number of surety bonds required (required on all projects using federal funds), the complexity of bidding on two different, individually designed custom structures with artistic elements, and the burden of meeting all federal and state laws and regulations imposed by the grant.

5/26/14: Lextran issues second Invitation for Bids after Hurt obtains approval from KYTC and new bid schedule is prepared by Hurt.

 6/5/14:  Pre-bid meeting for second public Invitation for Bids.  Lextran purchasing officer facilitates.  Hurt attends on behalf of AIM to answer questions and David attends to provide information about coordination of Southland design with solar/pervious pavement/raingarden project and connecting sidewalk at Leestown Road.

7/1/14: Lextran receives 4 bids as follows:

Meyer Midwest, Inc.
Shelter No. 1 – Southland Drive – $129,296.00
Shelter No. 2 – Leestown Road – $156,080.00
Total bid – $285,376.00

Marrillia Design & Construction
Shelter No. 1 – Southland – $101,600.00
Shelter No. 2 – $97,000.00
Total bid – $198,600.00

Prajna Design & Construction Inc.
Shelter No. 1 – Southland – $146,955.00
Shelter No. 2 – Leestown – $137,740.00
Total bid – $284,695.00

Dalton Built Homes
Shelter No 1 – Southland – $129,800.00
Shelter No. 2 – Leestown – $112,500.00
Total bid – $242,300.00
**This bid is not responsive and is not eligible for consideration. Required forms were not included and bidder is not certified with KY Transportation Cabinet.


Hurt and Lextran purchasing officer submit competitive bid documents and other required post-bid information to KYTC

7/21/14: Lextran awards construction contract for Art in Motion smART Shelter Project to lowest bidder Marrillia Construction, as required by law.

7/23/14: Lextran/AIM receives Notice to Proceed. Lextran enters into construction contract with Marrillia, both projects to be completed by 8/25/15.

January 2014-2015:

  • Joseph David does extensive coordination with designers and shopping center owner Sanford Levy to ensure Industrial Oasis design meshes with stormwater/raingarden/pervious pavement project headed by Levy.
  • David develops and coordinates plan for solar system at Industrial Oasis.
  • Artist John Darko donates substantial in-kind resources to Industrial Oasis through the process of meticulously sculpting the branch-like structure that is the focal point of the shelter and working closely with both the design firm and the construction firm to incorporate the sculpture into the structure.
  • Hurt schedules pre-construction coordination meeting for Marrillia with artist John Darko, designer Adam Wiseman of PRP, shopping center owner Sandy Levy and Joseph David on 7/22/14.
  • Hurt schedules pre-construction coordination meeting for Marrillia with ChimneyStop designer Ryan Hargrove, Anderson Communities representatives, council member Tom Blues and Joseph David to coordinate the tie-in of connecting sidewalk being donated by Anderson Communities.
  • Hurt sends/responds to over 1200 emails regarding CMAQ project and prepares/revises over 220 separate documents during course of grant application/proposal/IFB drafting and revisions while providing coordination through phone calls and in-person meetings and facilitation of stakeholder groups and design contests.

Because of inclement weather, construction is delayed.  Lextran enters into contract extension with Marrillia.

New completion date for both shelters: 11/25/15