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Redecorate Your Apartment Balcony For A Functional Living Space

Sep 20, 2023

Many apartments have a balcony, but this bonus space isn’t always used to its best advantage. But lately, a big trend has been turning this overlooked area into a beautiful extension of the home’s living area. With a little effort, your balcony can become a relaxing place.

Turning a balcony from a rectangle of outdoor space into a welcoming part of your home isn’t as difficult as it may seem, and the results can be stunning. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Redecorate Your Apartment Balcony For A Functional Living Space

Adding Natural Beauty with Plant Life

Add plants to your balcony to lean into the feeling of an outdoor oasis. A good way to incorporate them without losing the limited floor space is to mount them on the wall or railing. Add some shelves to place plants on, or go for a full-wall mounted fixture with spaces for different plants in a variety of shades and textures. You can find planter boxes that fit over a railing to make use of that space.

This is a great place to tuck some herbs because they don’t need much attention, and you have the luxury of snipping what you need when cooking. Whatever plants you choose will soften the look of a balcony and give it the feel of being outdoors and surrounded by nature.

Small Pieces of Furniture Can Make a Large Difference

To make a balcony a part of your usable living space, you’re going to need some furniture. The trick to making it feel cozy, not crowded, is to pick smaller but still usable pieces. For example, a recliner is not a practical choice for a balcony if you want to relax and put your feet up. But a small, comfy chair with a footrest that slides underneath when it’s not in use is a great choice.

Small side tables can be tucked into unused corners and be very useful for holding things like drinks, snacks, or candles. You can probably find an area rug that covers the entire balcony to elevate the style even more. Be sure to select pieces that will stand up to the weather.

Be Creative With the Space You Have!

This is your space, so let it show off who you are. People tend to opt for more traditional, enduring decor in their homes, but a balcony is a perfect place to really express yourself.

Perhaps you’d like to play up a tropical retreat vibe with palm plants and a breezy hammock to relax in. You could set up a cozy cafe table with small chairs to provide an elegant dining spot and enjoy the breeze.

You could hang long curtains to frame the view or string lights across the ceiling to make evenings glow. This is your space to express yourself, and the small size makes it easier for decorating choices to have a big impact. Make it a celebration of your personality and what you love, and you’ll enjoy spending time there even more.

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Image Source: Dariusz Jarzabek/Shutterstock