Your credit score is an important number that affects what loans you can qualify for, credit cards you can open, rental opportunities that are available, and possibly even what job you will be offered. This important number is based on several factors, especially your payment history. But what about the rent you pay every month? Do these payments show up on your credit score?

At Anderson Communities, we have seen many credit reports, and as part of our focus, we aim to help others build their credit. That is why we’ve started reporting rent payments to the credit bureaus. Here’s what you need to know about credit reports, rent payments, and how you can get your hard work recognized.

What’s Included in Your Credit History

A credit report is simply a record of how you’ve handled financial obligations. The information is collected from credit card companies, student loan agencies, and finance companies. Every credit report includes four sections:

Personal Information

This section includes your name (including alternative names, such as nicknames or maiden names), date of birth, home addresses and phone numbers, both past and present, and employers.


Here, you’ll find credit and loan accounts that are currently open or were closed in the past seven to 10 years. It will show a partial account number for each account, the most recent reported balance, payment history, and if the account is open, closed, or in default.

Public Records

If you file for bankruptcy, it will be noted here for seven to 10 years after you file. Any debts that have been sent to collections will also be in this section.


This section shows the requests that have been made for your credit report. Examples of such inquiries can be soft pulls or hard pulls.

How to Report Your Rent to Credit Bureaus

For many people, their monthly rent payment is the largest financial obligation they have. However, these payments have historically yet to show up on credit reports. Because of this, a single late credit card payment has a greater impact on your credit score than a year of on-time rent payments.

At times, it might be possible to work with a third-party company that will collect and report rent payment information to the three major credit bureaus. The cost for this service is paid for by the renter, though, so it’s important to see if the credit boost is worth the expense.

At Anderson Communities, our residents deserve recognition for their hard work and on-time payments. So, we report rent payments to the credit agencies at no additional cost to you. This makes it possible to build your credit, so the next steps in your financial plan are easier.

Choosing a Community that Has You in Mind

Helping our residents build their credit scores is just one way we work to create communities that help our residents live their best lives.

We have created neighborhoods that incorporate walking trails and permanent green spaces so the space outside your home feels as inviting as the inside. Our walkable neighborhoods make it easy to visit shops and restaurants and encourage neighbors to connect with each other.

We also offer meaningful amenities at no additional cost, including high-speed internet, in-home washers and dryers, and security systems. And we are proud to promise you that we will never spring hidden fees on you. Ever.

Find a Home In Kentucky Today with Anderson Communities

If you’re looking for a home to rent or buy in Kentucky, we invite you to come and see what we have to offer at Anderson Communities. We work hard to create a home you’ll love, and we also help you build your credit score at the same time. Contact us to see what homes we have available to help you make your dreams a reality today.